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23-Nov-2017 00:10

I personally enjoy hearing others’ opinions and learning their perspectives and what makes them tick.’” Courtenay tried to move the conversation away from politics, but he took her willingness to listen to other opinions as proof positive she was a Trump supporter and would have nothing more to do with her. ’” You read that correctly—he literally asked her to leave because he couldn’t be with a person who suggested he should be open to other points of view. Constant interrupting me and talking over me,” he said. If you’re a Christian but a liberal, your liberal views trump your Christian views.” After Josh left, his date continued to text him telling him why he was wrong, as though constant haranguing is the way to win (in relationships or in politics).“He said ‘I’m so appalled, I can’t even look at you! So, Courtenay left the restaurant, knowing that the tolerance brigade had struck again. Liberal women are just as guilty, as my friend Josh found out. She didn’t care about the things they had in common that had sparked their mutual interest in each other in the first place. Perhaps this is the new reality for conservatives given how much of our culture has been politicized since the recent election.

She can’t explain why she doesn’t need feminism, she’s too busy succeeding without it.

What happened was he started talking politics and mentioned how difficult it made his job as a playwright. Or perhaps they just have a difference of opinion.’” He continued to spew hate against the people he said were hateful to , and then wanted to get even more political by talking about President Trump.

“At some point in the conversation he started to complain how tough it is to be a playwright because the hateful people who believe in guns hate him and are so mean,” Courtenay told me. “I said ‘regardless of whether you agree/disagree or how you feel about the president, he is still the president of the United States and I don’t think it’s productive to react with hate or vitriol. She responded by calling him “a racist, sexist homophobe and kicking me out,” he said. She “started calling Trump all the names and then it turned to her not believing I voted for him.

Dating websites like have made it convenient and fun to engage in relationships online, making it even easier to participate in conservative dating.

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Online dating websites consist of people signing up and creating personal profiles.

It launched in 2012, although it has so far only amassed about 3,000 profiles.

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