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29-Dec-2017 20:59

A requirement to retain a contract or other record in accordance with paragraph (1) does not apply to any information whose sole purpose is to enable the contract or other record to be sent, communicated, or received.

To provide an even stronger probative value than the above described advanced electronic signature, some countries like the European Union or Switzerland introduced the qualified electronic signature.Throughout your lifetime, you will have to sign your name many times.Whether you are agreeing to an employment contract, finalizing the mortgage details for your home, or bearing witness to the execution of a document, your signature is required to seal the deal.It is difficult to challenge the authorship of a statement signed with a qualified electronic signature - the statement is non-reputable.

Technically, a qualified electronic signature is implemented through an advanced electronic signature that utilizes a digital certificate, which has been encrypted through a security signature-creating device Since well before the American Civil War began in 1861, morse code was used to send messages electrically by telegraphy.An electronic signature is intended to provide a secure and accurate identification method for the signatory to provide a seamless transaction.