Voicemail dating

15-Jan-2018 23:56

It was really nice meeting you yesterday and I was wondering if you’d like to get together and do something sometime? First, let me help you understand why that typical message is so bad: – It smacks of desperation. But I am telling you that with all other things taken care of properly, and so long as she has SOME interest in you, she will more likely be responsive to that kind of message than the pathetic example I gave first or even other typical messages you may be used to leaving.

Now I will tell you WHY because when you understand WHY you are better off and will be able to apply that understanding to other situations with girls… ” If in the chance she doesn’t call back in a reasonable time (within under a day), I can call back and it will not come across as my always trying to reach her because I maintained control on my end and did not send a vibe that I was anxious for her to call back.

SMS messages only work in the US at the moment I believe.

(Every provider works differently outside the US, some may work)2.

Note: If you are away from the office and your office phone is forwarded, you can use the voicemail access number to go directly to your voice mailbox.

Voicemail access number: At or away from your office: Note: If you don't have your voicemail access number, please contact Comcast Business Support at 1-800-391-3000.

The first example, which most men seem to get stuck on, gives away all mystery and sends the wrong vibe: “I am pursuing you, I am interested in you, please get back to me, I’m like every other guy, now the ball is in your court.” In MY version, there is no vibe of needy pursuit, an ambiguous interest, no specific request, and no similarity to all the other pathetic messages she gets from guys. Usually if I have to call back, my message is even SHORTER and MORE laid back: “Hey it’s me.

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Please note that each line has its own voicemail, and will need to be set up individually.

She’ll have to decide whether to call back after listening to your message.