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13-Sep-2017 18:49

Ten police cars along with paramedics and firefighters attended the scene at the Dockside Outlet Centre in Chatham, Kent.

Witnesses described a man attacking a woman and "slitting her throat" with a blade in front of terrified shoppers.

“Officers were called at 11.03am on Thursday, June 29, following reports a woman had been injured.

“A man has been arrested at the scene in connection with the incident.

He said: ‘I was just pulling into Dockside Chatham, ten police cars race past with flashing lights, as I’ve locked the door I hear shouting and commotion.

"If we put in 100%, believe we can achieve and radiate positivity.A witness said there was lots of blood and people could be heard shouting.At least ten police cars remain at the scene, along with firefighters, forensics teams and ambulance crews, and a green tent has been erected.A man in a white vest and "covered in blood" was cuffed and put into a police car, according to reports.

The victim is reported to have been the man's girlfriend, witnesses said.“It was there I saw the police officers arresting a man who looked late 20s, black hair and blood over his white vest top and his arms,” he added.